Gun Store now open in the Energy Corridor in Houston Texas 77079. Need a new Ar15 or Bolt Gun for that spring hog hunt? We have LWRC ,Sig Sauer,DPMS, Radical Firearms, Daniel Defense ind ammo in 223/556 or .308.  Night vision and thermal scopes if you hunt at night. How about a new Shotgun for Turkey Hunt? He have Mossberg, Beretta, Benelli in pump and smi auto. Infidel Defense is the premier gun shop for all your self defense pistols like the Tiffany Blue, Lavendor & Pink Glock for the ladies. Concealable pistols for men and women in 38spl 9mm and .380 calibers. CHL Classes and First Time Shooter as well as Youth .Gun Holsters in stock for 1911, FN , Beretta, Sig Sauer, Colt, Smith and Wesson.

  • Authorized Glock 19X Dealer in stock


Life Time Warranty for Benchmade Knives sold by infidel defense
Luminox Watches sold by infidel defense
Tagua Holsters for every gun sold by infidel defense
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