New Houston Gun Shop open!

Infidel Defense Gun Shop is finally open in Houston, Tx . 14520 Memoril Drive #18 Houston,Tx 77079

*Hurricane Harvey has effected us all. We here also have been effected by the devistation of the storm because it has destroyed our neighbors and friends in the community of West Houston and the Energy Corridor.

We at Infidel Defense want to give back to our neighbors and community. We are offering free cleaning to anyone effected by the storms and flooding. If there are repaires that are needed beyond our scope of work, we are currently working with other companies to get your firearm restored to the condition you remember. Some of these firearms are your family relics, home defense, collectors items, or just a good hunting buddy. We will assit in getting them back to the way you remember them.

God Bless Texas , God Bless our city. We will always be Houston Strong!!


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